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Aircraft Facilities

Keihm Construction Inc - Air Museum

Specialty Application Hangars

When Kiehm Construction, Inc. (KCI) builds an aircraft facility, all the details are covered from the perspective of an experienced pilot. Owner Marty Kiehm has been a pilot for more than 30 years.

He understands the things that matter and how they mesh to create the hangar you want.

Whether it is the door style, heating system, or space planning, KCI can help you design the hangar that addresses your needs.

Large Commercial

KCI builds hangars to fit the specification of the aircraft and their pilots. The range of door options include everything from bi-fold and slider to single lift.

Wall construction options range from precast to energy efficient composite wall panel and flooring options; from asphalt to high gloss epoxy.

If you want in-floor heating, automated doors or state of the art lighting and security, KCI can give you a flight plan with a favorable tailwind and a smooth ride.

Our designs do not include any crosswinds or fog and your hangar will be turbulent-free for years to come.

Keihm Construction Inc - C&P Aviation
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